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Focus: Citrine //

commonly used to/ cleanse and energize

heighten self-discipline

open the mind for creative and healing processes

ease symptoms of depression

found/ United States, Brazil, France, Madagascar, United Kingdom

astrological signAries, Gemini, Leo, Libra | chakra/ Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / Envision™ blend, Purification® blend (both Young Living), peppermint, rosemary


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It’s spring. I am officially calling it, try to stop me. The tall maple in front of Timothy’s parents’ house was alive with bird song and shadows on Wednesday. New Englanders, when we peel away our winter layers, become brand new creatures.

Move forward into the sunshine.

1. Wash your sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. Make your bed.

2. Make friends with your feet. Winter boots have been unkind. Sit in the sun with a warm salt soak and follow up with a well-deserved massage. You won’t realize how much they ached until you’re done. Soon the snow will be gone and you can let your toes breathe.

be kind to your feet ::

Fair Trade Foot Lotion from LUSH // Yoga Sling 2 from Sanuk

3. Sort through your books; pass along the ones you won’t read again. Re-read your favorite. In your freshly made bed.

4. Indulge in your favorite scented candle. Let it burn.

5. Clear out your browser bookmarks. Unsubscribe from mailing lists. Delete social media accounts you don’t follow. It feels so good. I actually cleaned out four year’s worth of browser bookmarks last night, and I felt like a new person.

6. Then turn off your electronics. All of them. Have an adventure you don’t document. Let it be only yours.

7. You have a Goodwill pile. I know you do. Bring it in before the summer rush hits (before college gets out in May, if you live in a college town). I need to take my own advice for this one; I have five plastic shopping bags sitting on my floor.

8. Buy yourself a really quality bar of chocolate.

9. Write in a paper journal. Write a letter. Have you forgotten what your handwriting looks like?

10. Go to bed early. Wake up without an alarm. Stretch. See the world before anyone else.

11. Recycle. Compost. Find a comfortable way to reduce your consumption and your waste.

12. Teach yourself a new skill, take a class, or find a new hobby.

13. Take a break from processed food. A meal, a day, a weekend. Whatever is easiest.

14. Hand wash and line dry your lingerie.

15. It’s almost time for fresh fruit and vegetables. I can’t even deal. Look up a local CSA.

16. Buy a new pair of lightweight comfy socks.

17. Go to a new-to-you local restaurant for a weeknight dinner or happy hour.

18. Remind yourself, daily, of all the things you love.

19. If you have a supplies stash, put it to use. Take an afternoon to yourself to be creative.

20. Replace your bath pouf.

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I thought it would be nice to honor October, and my birthday, with another gemstone focus post! Opal is, by far, my favorite stone. It also happens to be my birthstone, so for me it’s incredibly special.

Have you seen opal in person? It’s beautiful.


These rings belonged to my mother. The smaller one she gave to me when it no longer fit her finger; the larger single stone was given to me by my father, along with her wedding band, after my mum died. When I wear either of these rings, I feel magic. I’m sure most of that has to do with her.

Opal is said to absorb energies and reflect them back to the source. Because of that, it’s sometimes known as a karmic stone. It is associated with creativity and self-expression, as well as cosmic consciousness. It’s a stone often used by people who believe in psychic and mystical visions; it is used for spiritual protection.

Other common attributes| comfort for grieving; improves memory; strengthens relationships; fidelity; encourages expression of positive emotions

astrological signs| Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

There are so many kinds of opals, including boulder opal, fire opal, Andean opal, water opal, etc. Each color/type has its own specific set of metaphysical properties. While opal is commonly found around the world, the cut gemstones are fairly expensive.


  1. opal print by La Petite Mascarade (handmade)
  2. opal “intensity” solitaire ring by Novica (fair trade)
  3. Zoya fleck effect top coat in “opal”
  4. Badger Balm “Pink Tourmaline” lip tint and opal shimmer gloss
  5. Whiterock “midnight sky” bear pendant with man-made opal inlay
  6. tiny opal studs by Le French Chic
  7. LUSH Shimmy Shimmy sparkle solid lotion bar (vegan)

Happy October!

* My laptop is functioning and back in my hands; I am having to get reacquainted with the keyboard.

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It’s been two weeks since my last gemstone focus, and I’ve been itching to write another! This week we’ll take a look at rose quartz, another one of my favorites. I have a lot of rose quartz in my collection, including both polished pieces and raw crystals. I often use this lovely pink stone to help focus positive affirmations in my morning routine; it has a strong presence in my space.

I’ve already talked a little bit about rose quartz here (“My Favorite Stones for Self Love”) and here (“Mama Care Packages…”).

Rose quartz is a calming stone with a high energy. It’s believed to open the heart to all kinds of love, as well as foster empathy and forgiveness. The stone can clear residual negative energy from the mind.

Other common attributes| calming; reassuring; stone of infinite peace and unconditional love; purifies and opens the heart; invokes self-trust and self-worth

Believed metaphysical attributes| chakra: heart; astrological signs: Taurus, Libra

Rose quartz can be found in Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa, and parts of the United States.


  1. RockaChakra Gemstuds from Heart Rocks Eye (handmade)
  2. Beauty Without Cruelty Nail Polish in “Rose Quartz” (non-toxic, vegan)
  3. Rough Cut Rose Quartz Chunk from Splendid Stones
  4. Hurraw! Vata Balm (with almond, cardamom, and rose) (handmade, vegan)
  5. Sun Salutation Hoodie in Rose Red Heather from The North Face
  6. Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Stacking Ring from Scape (handmade)
  7. LUSH Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb (non-toxic, vegan)
  8. Rose Quartz Chandelier Earrings by Adriana Soto (handmade)
  9. “Unearthen One” A4 print by In the Early Hours (handmade)
  10. Rose Delight Salt from eSutras Organics (organic)


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Turquoise is a beautiful stone, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a great stone to debut this little monthly (or  bi-weekly, perhaps?) feature! I am, naturally, drawn to its vibrant color, but the cultural history of turquoise is also incredibly fascinating to me. Considered sacred to many Native American and Chinese cultures, it is traditionally believed to act as a bridge between the heavens and Earth. It is believed that turquoise enhances intuition, allowing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. The stone was also popular in ancient Egypt and Persia. In the ancient Persian empire, turquoise was worn to ward off untimely death.

I believe the one turquoise piece I currently have is from China. This particular stone is a good size, though I wouldn’t mind having something a little larger, preferably from the American Southwest. It usually sits on my desk with a handful of other stones. Seeing it regularly eases my anxiety, and generally lifts my spirits. It’s a stone I find myself picking up frequently because it’s easy to hold.

Other common attributes| healing and detoxification; protection; purification; stabilizes mood; promotes self-realization and aids in creative expression; provides an outlet for old worries; aids in depression, exhaustion and panic attacks

Believed metaphysical attributes| chakra: throat, third eye; astrological signs: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Turquoise can be found in the parts of the United States, Afghanistan, China, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and Tibet.


Some of my favorites:

  1. Tumbled Turquoise (China) from Healing Crystals
  2.  Orbit Ring by Olga Showroom for Free People
  3.  Apache Turquoise Leather Wrap Bracelet by JustHipStuff (handmade)
  4. Third Eye Ring from Spell
  5.  SpaRitual polish in Rhythm of Life (nontoxic, vegan)
  6.  Turquoise Bead Bracelet by Mashka for Free People
  7. Wolf Totem Two Color Print by Bark Decor (handmade)
  8.  Blue Ombre Scarf from SERRV (Fair Trade)
  9. Petite Ocean Vase from SERRV (Fair Trade)
  10. Exotic Wood & Turquoise Inlaid Belt Buckle by Shands Design (handmade)
  11.  Turquoise “Wafers” (Sonoron Desert) from Healing Crystals
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