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Nota bene: Friday Favorites post contain a few affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through the use of those links. Thanks!

Friday Favorites // 044 ::

  1. Hello, new dream dress.
  2. Rituel de Fille tugs my heart strings in a big way. Have a I found a new signature lip color in Rue? That feels like a big step into adulthood, for me. I’ve discovered that I am definitely more of a pinky-purple girl than a red girl. I know how everyone is apparently supposed to have their “perfect” red, but I have yet to find mine. I am also feeling so very tempted by their Ash & Ember Eye Soot in Sigil (no. 7).
  3. I love this tropical bathing suit. It’s colorful, but makes use of black detailing so it’s a good compromise. I could easily tone it down by pairing it with black solids. These are things I think about. The  top and bottom are sold separately, yay!
  4. Many years ago, at the suggestion of a stylist, I bought a wooden comb. It was the nicest thing I ever did for my hair. Now that I am more or less committed to length, I’d like to once again add one to my beauty arsenal. Wood cuts back on static and breakage, and helps redistribute oils down the follicle.
  5. I’ve had my eye on this his simplistic moon phase calendar for a while.
  6. Rosewater shea butter soap sounds divine. I love Formulary 55’s package design!

Winter is back with a vengeance, fellow northeastern friends. Stay cozy this weekend! Maybe that’s why this Friday Favorites has a somewhat soft, warm weather vibe? Could be. I’m so cold.


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Nota bene: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through the links below. I appreciate the support!

Well, it’s here. The weather is getting colder by the day. It got down to 29 degrees a couple nights ago! I finally embraced the chill and got around to unpacking and reorganizing my winter layers over the weekend. I own a couple nice coats, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to take a look when the end of October rolls around every year.

ModCloth has a great selection of eye-catching and unique coats, capes, sweaters and other outerwear styles.

These are my favorites.

Winter Weather ::

Book Tour Bliss coat in Black / Sophisticated Saunter Cape

That black coat is one I would have definitely coveted in my younger days, especially during my Elegant Gothic Lolita phase. It seems a little less likely that I would actually wear this now, but I’m still really drawn to the style. Some things never change.

Winter Weather

Winterberry Tart coat in Burgundy / Luxe-y in Love coat in Pine

Winter Weather ::

Diagonal Alley coat in Black / Fall Night Long scarf in Coral

That scarf in particular is calling my name right now.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m definitely a wool coat girl. I have a ski jacket for practicality’s sake (and for sledding), but when it comes to choice, it’s always going to be wool.

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Nota bene: This post contains a few affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any sales made through clicking those links. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 034 ::

The harvest season is upon us. Lots of good things in the air right now. I’ve been enjoying the last few days of sunshine, and the nights are finally getting cold.

  1. LUSH USA just released a bunch of brand new products. Shower Jellies are back! Needles and Pines is right up my alley. If you haven’t used a LUSH Shower Jelly, you’re missing out. They’re lots of fun.
  2. I love love love these little opal earrings. Opal is my birthstone (October children ♥), so it’s one of my favorites. These are simple but feminine.
  3. Blackbird makes some really beautiful incense cones. If you’re unsure or don’t want to make a commitment, they offer samples of all their scents. There are a few I’d like to try out, including Gorgo.
  4. This top is gorgeous. That shoulder detail is maybe my favorite thing ever.
  5. I’m not sure why I’m so into reddish tops right now (maybe because it’s fall?), but I love the Witching Hour Tunic from Sovrin in wine. Give me anything with a hood or a huge cowl neck and I’m happy. I’d probably wear a long line lace bra (like this gorgeous piece from Free People) for a little more coverage and support under this, but I love the look.
  6. The willow charm bangle from Alex and Ani is officially on my wishlist. I feel like that goes without saying. It shall be mine.
  7. I was sorely tempted to purchase a pair of horn tumblers (very similar to these) from a vendor at King Richard’s Faire at the beginning of September, but I decided to wait. I think we probably need to take stock of what we have and use before I make any new purchases.
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Nota bene: This post contains a few affiliate links. I will earn a small commission from any purchases made using those links below!

I feel like it’s been a hundred years since my last Friday Favorites, but it’s actually only been a couple weeks! The short break was nice, though. I am welcoming fall with open arms. How about you?

Friday Favorites // 033 ::

  1. This velvet cardigan from ModCloth is beautiful.
  2. These hyper-pigmented lipglosses from Nero Cosmetics are 100% cruelty free and vegan. I like Spell Binding for its wearability and Miss Argentina because… Beetlejuice, but I would be happy owning any one of these beautiful shades. Did I mention my birthday is in a month?
  3. Hellooo, hat. This one is also available in burgundy.
  4. This skirt is made of dreams. The bats. Are you kidding me? It’s too good. Seriously, go and zoom in. I’m a size medium. Because you know. Birthday. This is another gem from the ModCloth namesake label!
  5. Fall scents are live at Bath Sabbath! I am all about “November Coming Fire.”
  6. I am loving these golden serpent barrettes from With Care. Someday, when my hair is long again.
  7. I’d like to add these simple gold wire hook earrings to my rotation.
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Nota bene: This post contains a number of affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through the use of these links. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 031 ::

  1. The beautiful Trove Eyelash set from True & Co. is on sale right now. Through the weekend (August 16th) you can save an additional 15% on these sale pieces with the code PRIVATE15. You’re welcome. ♥
  2. Tj and I just signed up for Bright Cellars, a (newer) wine subscription service. I can’t wait to share the results with you! You can save 50% on your first month using my referral link (which also gets us a free bottle of wine, so that’s cool). This will be my first time trying out a wine subscription service, and I’m really looking forward to the results. This Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenach blend from Petit Chou will be in our first box.
  3. This blazer! Olive velvet pairs well with black lace. +Boots.
  4. Only five days remain on the Bath Sabbath expansion Kickstarter! Get in on this one. Bath Sabbath is a small batch, cruelty-free skin care company with a heavy metal theme. Their products are all sulfate and detergent free, and are great for sensitive skin. Check out their current line on etsy! For a pledge of $17, you can get yourself a beautifully sculpted soap or handcrafted beard oil. She’s Staring at You is scented with pomegranate and lime, plus notes of bergamot, bavender, and a hint of frankincense.
  5. I really want this coloring book when it comes out in October. Do you still color on occasion? I love it so much. I think it’s really important to hold on to a few childhood rituals; for me, coloring is definitely one of these.
  6. I love these super simple zodiac pendants from Moorea Seal. Birthday gift? Sure, thanks.
  7. The Lost Valley Ankle boot from Free People is a beaut. Black, obviously, but the other color options are lovely as well.
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