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I’ve been away for a week. Mostly here, but not here.


On Sunday evening, Pete and Natalie came up from Philly to spend some time in Maine and New Hampshire. T. and I spent Sunday evening, Tuesday night and most of Wednesday with them. Another friend from the Boston area made a cameo appearance on Wednesday as well.


I love spending time out with friends, but I am a true introvert. Socializing takes a lot out of me. By the end of the day Wednesday, even though I spent only mere hours out and about over the course of a couple days, I was completely wiped. Let me mention, also, that this exhaustion was coupled with the physical and emotional fatigue that I run into after two weeks without iron supplements (I ordered them online, and found out on Friday that they were shipped to the wrong address).

It still amazes me what a huge difference regular supplements make in my energy and outlook. It’s pretty likely that I’ve been iron deficient for years, as this sort of anemia is linked to depression, chronic headaches, weakness, poor circulation, etc. That being said, the common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are linked with many other health issues, so talk to a doctor. I went and got a blood test a couple summers ago when I was close-to-fainting at work, and it happened to explain many of my other problems. I am thankful. 

Yesterday evening, I rode to Long Sands with Timothy and his sister for surfing. Feeling incredibly weak, I opted to wander the shore while they surfed. I think this was a wise decision; I’m still exhausted. I got in the water up to my knees and felt more calm than I had in days.


I do wish that I had brought a real camera with us. My phone didn’t quite capture the scene.

Next time.

I have mostly returned. This week is about catching up and spending some time taking care of myself. I may indulge in something beautiful and nourishing for my girl-mind. Thanks for waiting, and another big “thank you” to those of you who left sweet comments on last Monday’s post!

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Last week, I was focusing on artwork and feeling a little down about surfing. I am happy to write that Timothy and I finally got into the water yesterday evening. Of course, the water was completely flat, but it felt so good just to be in the ocean. We’ve more or less figured out the Ogunquit beach schedule and when it’s “ok” for us to be there in the evenings. That knowledge allows us to plan just a little better. We also discovered Jenness Beach in New Hampshire, which is just a little north of Hampton. We’ve decided that it’s the perfect spot to spend a full day.

In addition, I found out that my wetsuit still fits, so I guess I didn’t get quite as pudgy over the winter as I thought!

I also wanted to focus on artwork, last week. And, while I didn’t get any of my canvases done, I did end up buying a few more supplies in the hopes that it would motivate me. I bought 3×3″ canvases and two packages of pre-cut ATCs (cold press watercolor paper and linen canvas), as well as some metallic acrylic paints. I think starting fresh with a couple small collage pieces will spark my creativity. I also gathered some more supplies for some additional projects I’ve been working on. It’s nice to know that those bigger pieces are waiting for me.

This week I’d like work on my blog a bit. I only posted a couple of times last week. One of my goals for the month of July is to find one or two blogs to sponsor. I have a couple options as of right now, but I’m also open to suggestions if you or someone you know might be a good fit. I do think if I’m going to justify the dollars, I need to keep this place just a little more active. Timothy’s home this week, so it’s going to be a busy one. Obviously, I would rather spend time playing with my best friend than sitting in front of my computer (although sometimes we manage both!), so I’m going to spend a little bit of my down time this evening queuing up some posts for later in the week when I won’t really have time to write anything. I hope to have a couple days this week where I won’t even think about turning on my computer!

Once again, I’m hooking up with The Nectar Collective to share my goals and give praise and motivation to others.


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This is a new to me Channel Island Surfboards Neck Beard. TJ bought it for me from his sister, who is currently spending some time working in Costa Rica.

Today I cleaned off the old wax layer. We will hopefully getting our first day in the water sometime next week.


This summer has been colder than the last, which is to say the weather has been relatively normal. I think last year’s heat wave was probably a fluke.



This board has seen some waves (and likely a few rocks), but it’s in pretty good shape. It’s also much easier to carry than the blue Challenger hand-me-down I was surfing with, and that alone gives me a little more confidence. I won’t know for certain until we get it in the water, but I already feel much more comfortable. At 5’6″, it’s quite a bit taller than what’s recommended for my height, but it should be fine for surfing our beaches. We don’t get huge waves around here in the summer. And, as a super-beginner, I don’t know how many I will actually be catching.

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Today I lucked out completely and found a Polaroid 600 with a full film pack.

I have three shots left.


I also found this beautiful photograph.


Brief Thoughts:

  • This temperature is too much for me to handle being mostly asphalt-bound.
  • I am one-hundred percent moved in, maybe 45% unpacked. Maybe.
  • I bought purple sheets and  a vanilla soy candle, to celebrate.
  • Timothy is in California, which is about as far away as he could be, and I miss him.
  • I am finding my own magic.
  • Bicycle picnic? With wine?
  • Soon we will be surfing. There is a yearning somewhere deep.
  • a to do list a mile long, always
  • This is an interesting article about ritual.
  • I can’t wait to show you corners & bits & pieces of this new space.
  • Finding like-minded bloggers to link up with has proven difficult. Hello? Are you out there?
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  1. I mentioned these shoes when I got them, but now that I’ve had them for a few weeks, and worn them in various locations (airports, the beach, at work, around town) I can safely say that I am IN LOVE with Sanuk. I will definitely be buying another pair. I’ve never experienced brand loyalty when it comes to shoes.
  2. I love my Nalgene. It’s been years since I’ve had one (I left one behind in Burlington), and I figured a 32 ounce water bottle would be a good thing to have in time for summer. I went stainless for a little over six months last year, but I will never go back. I am generally against using plastic, but I figure my lack of disposable menstrual products makes up for one reusable plastic water bottle. For me, being “green” (actually, purple) is all about balance. I make choices that suit me.
  3. This stuff saved my hair upon our return from the Caribbean. My body and my soul love the ocean, my hair (fine, straight, long) definitely does not. My hair spent the majority of the week either in a messy bun or total tangles. This will be a lifesaver during our surfing months. I also use it before bed three times a week or so. It smells divine.
  4. I can’t wait to get myself a balance board. I really love the look of this one from Jfit. Also on the fitness list for summer is a hoop (finally). I don’t do well exercising simply for the sake of it. I am easily distracted, so I need to be fully engaged. Surfing (or anything in the ocean), hiking, and balance/so-called “flow arts” speak to me. Next year I will look into slack lines; I don’t have a great place to put one, right now!
  5. It is summer. You know what that means. I never was that big on beer until I moved to the seacoast (in Vermont I was more of a cider-drinker); we have too many great breweries around here. Shipyard is out of Portland, ME.

What’s on your summertime happy-list?

BONUS: Mr. Zog’s board wax // the prettiest rash guard [Zimmermann Brightside for Madewell] // Kiss my Face SPF lipbalm

** SERIOUSLY THOUGH that rash guard

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