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I was looking back on older GF posts and was surprised that I have yet to feature amethyst! It’s one of my personal favorites, and aside from opal (my birthstone), is the one crystal I’ve ever felt any true resonance with. While I have always enjoyed having rose quartz in my living space, amethyst serves more than an aesthetic purpose, at least when it comes down to my own experience. Gemstone healing is an incredibly personal process, and I think a large part of it comes simply from personal affirmation and association. Our senses, and how they connect to our own experiences and memory, play such an important role in any healing process.


(images via Crystal River Gems & Healing Crystals)

Amethyst  is a fairly common form of quartz crystal, and is a popular stone in healing and meditation practice. It pairs well with clear quartz. This stone is said to have the power to purify, protect, and heal, and has also been known to help with lucid dreaming and dream recall. For me, amethyst helps with anxiety, and opens my mind to creative practice. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I can no longer make art when feeling angry or panicked. While painting and drawing used to be my main (and often only) outlet for these kinds of negative feelings, I now need to feel mostly at peace for anything to flow through my fingers. Art is now the result of positive emotional change, rather than the cause of that change. It took me some time to realize that this had changed for me, and the process was a frustrating one. I am still getting used to it. My brain is far too often tied up in other things, but when I focus and find balance, paint and paste meet paper. It may simply be a matter of providing myself with structured time for both meditation and art making.

Amethyst is commonly used to/ ease anxiety, and provide balance and serenity

cope with grief and loss

dispel negativity

aid in dream recall


found/ worldwide

astrological sign/ AquariusCapricornPiscesVirgo | chakra/ third eye, crown

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / to help ease anxiety: lavender, clary sage, or citrus oils

for vivid dreams or lucid dreaming: rose, clove,  helichrysum, or sandalwood


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