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I’m not anti-television.  Like, I don’t believe that television is evil and you should go and smash yours to bits right now.  First off, that’s just wasteful, not to mention unnecessarily violent.  Secondly, I feel like, as with most things, tv is totally fine in moderation.  And I am totally cool with exhausted parents setting their children down in front of a television so they can have a couple minutes to breathe and maybe go to the bathroom.  Families sitting down and watching a couple shows together?  It’s all good.  That’s how my love for Star Trek was born.

For me, not having a television has been a rather uplifting experience.  I’m not drowning in pop culture or exposed to senseless (and sexist/classist/racist/etc) advertisement.  I’m not attached to a gigantic and ungainly piece of real estate that I have to struggle to find a wall outlet for.  I’m saving electricity,  and I’m saving money.  I’m not constantly losing the remote.

I do watch television shows.  I take advantage of Netflix to watch movies and older series in full, and Hulu to catch up on the few current shows I care about (all terrible, let’s be honest).  I am so happy to actively choose what I watch (even if it’s awful), instead of simply zoning out on the couch.  The last show I felt it necessary to watch with the rest of America was LOST, and in the end, it was somewhat of a let down.  I appreciate television as a social experience, and I appreciate that I had access to television when I was younger (I’m pretty keen at useless trivia), but most of the time, it’s just not for me.  I honestly cannot see myself owning a set, or paying for cable,  in the future.

But I’m not you, and I do know a few people who would go kind of nuts without tv in their lives.  That’s ok, too.  I totally get that. I think it’s just really important to unplug yourself every once in a while.  Keep yourself well rounded.  Conduct life as though you’re writing a term paper.  I mean, not exactly, but you get it, right?  Don’t get all your information (or entertainment!) from one source.  Read.  Watch.  Listen. Absorb. Discuss. And then, act.

…And don’t forget to use MLA formatting on your works-cited page.

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So.  I’m kind of on a mini Murder, She Wrote kick.  I guess that’s a little embarrassing.  It’s only slightly less embarrassing than admitting to reading the Cat Who books on occasion.  Whatever. Judge me if you will. I can’t help myself.  Angela Lansbury is charming.

And well dressed.
murder, she wroteRight.  Well that is pretty ridiculous. I need a job.

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