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Review: True & Co. ::

True & Co. is an online lingerie company that specializes in helping women find their perfect bra. I was contacted to review their products here on girldust. I received a coupon for my first purchase, and will receive compensation for any purchases made by clicking on the links in this post! That being said, True & Co. is a company I would happily support without compensation, and the opinions stated in this post are entirely my own.

The first thing I noticed about True & Co. was their body positive message. These are undergarments designed by women, for women of all shapes and sizes. Their sizes range from band size 32-38, and cup size A-DD, and come in a wide variety of styles, fits, and colors. There is a bra here for just about everyone, and they are working on expanding their size range.

You start your True & Co. shopping experience by filling out a fitting survey, wearing your favorite (comfiest) bra. The survey takes into account more than just your band and cup size. You will provide information about shape and fit to find your best bra.

Review: True & Co. ::

Your “personal shop” is based on these answers, and you can go back and re-take the survey at any time. If you are confident in your results, you can purchase your recommended items directly, or you can pick a few items for a five-day trial to see what fits best. The trial includes free shipping both ways. Simply pay for the items you like, and return the rest. I ended up with two at-home trials, because I wasn’t 100% happy with the results from my first round. It’s important to understand, when shopping for a bra, that different brands and styles will all fit a little differently. I loved the recommendations in my personal shop, but the sizing wasn’t quite right on any of the bras I chose.

For my second round, I chose a variety of sizes in one design that I loved (the Bézier Riverside Demi Bra). For both trials, I tried the bras on more than once over the course of five days. I have been wearing a size 34 B for most of my developed life, and took my True & Co. survey in my most comfortable 34 B, but I can also wear a size 32 C. I recently purchased two beautiful bras from Soma, and ended up being happiest in a 34 A. Basically, what I’m getting to, is that it’s really important to try bras on. If you are shopping online, either shop with a brand you know, or make sure the company you’re shopping with has some kind of return policy. It is very likely you will eventually end up with a lingerie drawer filled with a variety of band and cup sizes. That’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. I’m going to be lame, here, and tell you that numbers don’t matter.

Review: True & Co. ::

The size that fit me best in the Riverside was the 32 C. Always try on a new bra using the outer most closure on the band, and adjust the straps as needed!

Right now, True & Co. is offering 3 pairs of their perfect panties for only $33! You can easily find something to match your new bra purchase. They have also extended their 40% off sale! You can use the code TOOMUCH40 to get 40% off select styles from now until 3/31.

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Searching for ethically produced and sustainable undergarments can be harrowing. I’ve done a bit of the legwork for you (ladies). You’re welcome.

I don’t recommend going out and spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new underdrobe, as tempting as that may seem. Replacing pieces as they wear out is less wasteful and much more economical. I’ve personally got a couple things on my shopping list, this week; it’s going to be a slow but steady turnover process. Updating my wardrobe is part of my Thirty Before 30 list.

This list is ongoing, and definitely incomplete.  Feel free to add your links or reviews in the comments of this post.

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