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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through clicking those links below. Thank you!

Sometimes I really miss reading ghost stories from the pages of an actual book, huddled under blankets or in sleeping bags with my friends. We grew up in old, scary-but-comforting farm houses. Creaks and groans and barred owl screeches. Whispers of my name in the middle of the night. Stories about haunted old inns (and the shadow of a woman in the upstairs window*).

*Actually, the shadow story is from my college days, when Tj would travel late at night/early in the morning to and from my father’s house in Vermont. He since has had a hard time sleeping at that house, though I never recall experiencing anything in that particular bedroom. I think my mom had stories, though.

I grew up at a good time, in a good place. I had just the right level of pre-tech childhood, enough to appreciate the fact that Creepy Pasta is now a thing.

Friday Favorites // 028 ::

  1. I love this gorgeous dress from Free People. Everything about it is sheer perfection.
  2. We’re in the midst of planning our end-of-summer camping trip. I want to burn this campfire candle all the time.
  3. Have you seen the new Allure x Butter London Arm Candy polish collection? My personal favorite is “Disco Nap,” a charcoal glitter.
  4. This Picasso jasper ring by Lovetatum is stunning. Picasso jasper is said to bring about calm, and help aid with transformation.
  5. We really like our bitters around here. These Black bitters from Dram Apothecary look intriguing, with the flavors of black tea and cardamom. Yum!
  6. This book (published in 1994, when I was in the fourth grade!) is the book that got me really into ghost stories. I re-read it every year or so, devouring my old favorites and skipping over some of the scarier alien stories. Maybe I’m biased, but New England is home to some of the best ghost stories and urban legends. The author has since written a handful of others, all equally engrossing, but this will remain my favorite.
  7. I love this enamel pin from Word for Word. I think “in dogs we trust” would be slightly funnier, but I also like dogs (and wordplay) slightly more than I like cats.
  8. I am way into anything with a crescent moon motif. These cute little moony studs were made for me.
  9. These Seychelles booties are at the top of my “must haves” list.

I am still on the fence when it comes to the title of this feature. And the layout. And the everything. Providing a weekly carousel (to use a term coined by the effervescent blog goddess Gala Darling) requires a lot of time and effort, and a lot of …keeping one’s finger on the pulse of current happenings. Or something.

Around the web

I am very rarely passionate about political candidates. Actually, that’s something of an understatement, because I have never been passionate about any political candidate, ever. But Bernie Sanders makes my Vermont heart swell with pride. No matter what, good things will happen because of this.

The Poison Garden at England’s Alnwick Garden is beautiful—and filled with plants that can kill you.


Honestly, just give me something that actually fits my body, and I’ll be happy. It totally doesn’t need to fit in a matchbox.

This list includes my hometown distillery, Caledonia Spirits.


  • The Maine Brew Bus is new to me, but they’ve been around for a few years.

I think we might book a tour, sometime this summer. We tend to skip out on a lot of things because planning can be so overwhelming. We’re both pretty introverted. I like that these tours take the stress out of that. All we have to do is get to Portland.

I was lucky enough to view a Hokusai exhibit in DC at the Freer/Sackler, but having another opportunity to see these prints so close to home gives me goosebumps. Ah!


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In personal news, I am on the job hunt. My last day with Goodwill Industries of Northern New England will be May 28th. After four and half years, it’s time for a change. I have nothing lined up. I’m currently looking into editing and/or social media related jobs, at least while I’m in school. For now, I’m focusing on finishing up this semester in brilliant standing, writing here, and doing some audio transcribing work on the side. Keep your fingers crossed. I also need to get my driver’s license (I know, I know) and move in with Timothy. So. Lots to do, lots to worry about, but it’s all good.

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Around the web

American burial practices are expensive, destructive, and toxic. It’s time we start looking at alternatives.

I hate that this is a thing. I recently had a co-worker basically harass me about my personal choices regarding my body and my perfectly healthy, happy relationship. Done.

I love the care that is going into this project. They’re in the home stretch. Whether or not you’re into tarot, the art is beautiful. I love when collaborative works come together like this.


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I hope your week is off to a good start.

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Today I’m giving myself a super lazy day off, and I’m loving it. I hope your weekend is just as nice!

On Tuesday, Alisa Burke posted a peek inside her studio. It’s so inspiring!

It’s been so long since I ordered a batch of Hurraw! Balm. I was going to wait until winter to hopefully avoid melt-in-the-mail, but I saw that they recently formulated three new balms based on Ayurvedic Dosha principles. The flavors looked intriguing, so I ordered them last night! A review will be posted.

I’m on my last razor blade cartridge. I know, exciting news. After years of using a Venus Divine razor (five blades), I’m considering making the switch over to a Preserve three-blade. I love/hate my Venus razor, and I would like to make the switch to a more environmentally-friendly shave. We’ll see.

Did you see that a Fur Seal pup was born at The New England Aquarium? Ursula gave birth on August 7! The aquarium recently updated its giant center tank, and I’d love to go check it out. It’s been a couple years since I last visited. I’d love to take advantage of their whale watch trip, as well.

Some time ago, I started work on a set of Photoshop brushes based off of crop circle designs. It seemed like a good idea, but while looking for stock photography, I discovered that there are actually many great fonts available. This is a particularly nice one by David Hirmes. For now, I’m putting my idea to rest so I can focus on other projects.

While we were visiting Rangeley, we stopped in town to do some shopping. Tj bought me this amazing hand warmer mug. Not only is it handmade and beautiful, but it’s also microwave and oven safe!

Earlier in the week, Gala Darling shared this post about coffee addiction. I go through phases, but I’ve definitely been a coffee-fiend for longer than I have not been one. Making coffee a special treat is something to think about for wintertime.

Here’s a Huffington Post article on misconceptions about introverts. That being said, some of us do dislike crowds and are socially anxious. Not everyone is the same!

The kindle version of How to Steal Like an Artist is on sale for $1.99 at, today!

Happy Sunday!

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Here’s a little new-to-me maybe new-to-you wintertime show’n tell.  Because I like to share.  Also, I think I wrangled in some readers as of late?  That’s so nice!  Hello there!

Let’s do these suckers in semi-alphabetical order, shall we?

  • Barnivore is a guide to vegan friendly beer, wine, and liquor.

I do like to know what I’m consuming, and I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with unknown animal by-products in my booze. The guide is colour coded and a breeze to navigate.  You can search a brand or simply browse by type.  You don’t have to be vegan (heck, I’m not); this is useful for folks with vegetarian and vegan friends, too!


  • I’m pretty gosh darn excited to try out Hurraw! lip balm.

I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I have this weird little anxiety-related lip balm obsession.  I have probably consumed ten pounds of petroleum in the last decade or so, which is pretty gross.

Hurraw! is hand mixed and chock full of non-harmful ingredients and hand poured into tubes made of #5 plastic (recyclable either in your area or through Preserve).  These people are serious about their craft.

Unfortunately, it’s not sold anywhere locally, so I’ll be ordering a handful from the website in the near future.  Expect some words.

  • Have you signed up with TerraCycle, yet?  You should do that.  It’s free.  And awesome.  I don’t know what I was waiting for.

I’m currently collecting for five brigades.  All you have to do is save the packaging from certain consumables and mail them in (FOR FREE) when you feel like you have a decent amount.  I’m doing it alone (I know, lame), but you could get your family or your dorm or your work mates involved.

And lastly, here are a few promising recipes from my favourite food blogs.

I think I’ll be sharing a chili recipe with you tomorrow if I can get my act together.

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