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It’s almost my birthday week! Hooray! I’ve been feeling like a bit of a sad sack about the whole thing, despite my best efforts. Talk about your highs and lows, I guess. Yesterday was a rather crushing low, but today I’m on the up-swing. On a scale of 1 to 10 (which is not actually a large enough scale for this kind of thing at all), I’m somewhere around a 5? A slight step above “okay,” which I would consider acceptable. I’m eating lunch and getting things done and enjoying my book. Yesterday was an hour-by-hour struggle for survival. That sounds really dramatic, but that’s honestly how it felt.

I do think it’s going to be a good year. In the end, that does depend entirely on me. It’s my attitude and my actions that are going to make it. I may need to be slightly more accepting of help from those who are not within my tiny circle.

Timothy and I were talking on the phone about reinventing of self. I don’t know how I feel about reinventing. I do, however, like the idea of revisiting and refreshing. I am currently musing over goals for my next year on this planet. Tomorrow I need to buckle down and compose some scholarly e-mails, but tonight I’m simply appreciating the fact that the future currently exists, and that there’s a place for me in it. Like, tomorrow I will be able to write e-mails I don’t want to write! That’s pretty incredible.

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I have recently rekindled my love for stationery. Perusing the shelves at DC Museum shops last week probably is to blame (I am looking at you, National Gallery).

black apple carnival postcards

Lost on the Midway postcard collection, The Black Apple (etsy)

prairie summer letterset

Prairie Summer boxed note set, One Canoe Two (etsy)

art of instruction postcards

Art of Instruction postcards from Modcloth

hello letterpress stationey

hello letterpress notecards, Honizukle Press (etsy)

mushroom letterpress cards

mushroom letterpress cards, Pioneer House (Check these folks out on etsy!)

Here’s to more letter writing in 2014 (because seriously, I need all of these)!

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