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Friday Favorites // 012 ::

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While we were in Brooklyn over the holiday, we purchased two bars of Saipua soap from a beautifully curated flower and plant shop, GRDN. I bought the “saltwater” bar for myself; Tj liked the cedarwood and mint.

Another holiday favorite? Those black lava sea salt caramels that Tj put in my stocking. They are so, so good.

I received a sample of Root Science RS facial scrub in a Petit Vour subscription box a few months back, and it’s become one of my favorite facial care products. I use it once a week. If you sign up for a box, let Petit Vour know that sent you.

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Nota bene: The following post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase using some of the links below. Thank you for your support!

Well, holiday shopping. I suppose it’s time.

I’ll be at work because it’s Black Friday, and that’s life. Do you do the Black Friday thing? If I wasn’t required to leave the house in order to get paid, I’d stay in pajamas all day and eat leftover apple crumble. Retail has worn me a little thin.

Consider this the official girldust gift guide for the holiday season. Gifts for slightly weird girls.

Friday Favorites // 011 ::


  1. Elder Scrolls Skyrim mug $12.00 //
  2. Megahex by Simon Hanselmann $24.68 // a “stoner-comedy webcomic collection about a depressed witch, her cat, and an owl”
  3. Julep polish in “Ledi” $14 // Julep nail polishes make really great stocking stuffers. I’ve been a Maven for about a year or so now, and the color selection and quality is pretty amazing. All the polishes are vegan and free of toxins. Sign up to be a Maven now, and receive the “Snow Day” welcome box for free (+ $3.99 shipping). This offer ends on December 31st. Only new members qualify.
  4. Black Plague giant plush microbe $9.99 // I have this one and the bone cell. I think they’re cute.
  5. Curator de Force dress $59.99 // ModCloth‘s Beyond Black Friday sale runs until  10am PT Sunday. New arrivals (including this dress!) are 50% off.
  6. Noir-de-Fer lip balm $24 // hinoki, bois de rose, and black pepper lip balm in a black glass jar
  7. Put Your Strut in Me thigh highs $14.99 //
  8. Ivy Threader earrings by Katie Diamond at Free People $168.00 //
  9. Call on Confidence booties $39.99 //
  10. Little Lark moon phases calender $22.00 //


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Nota Bene: This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links below! Thank you for supporting this blog. 

‘Tis the season (already!), friends. I realize it seems a little early, but this year, Timothy and I have decided to start a little earlier so our actual holiday time can be spent focused solely on our family, friends, and food.

ModCloth has welcomed yuletide with a snow flurry of gift guides. There’s a little something for everybody! You can browse their pre-determined categories, or shop curated collections by a handful of bloggers. Here are three of my favorites, for giving and receiving.

modcloth holiday 2014

1. satisfied speechwriter cardigan / 2. scenic scribbles journal set / 3. peaceful & quiet votive holders

That cardi is my personal favorite, and is on my wishlist! How cute would it look with a shimmery gold polish and my favorite coffee mug? Pair those votive holders with some clean burning, paraffin-free votives (or try beeswax!) and a grounding body butter, maybe for your favorite hostess or a friend who needs a little more peace in her life. The journals make a great stocking stuffer, or would suit a naturalist-themed gift for a co-worker. I’m thinking twig pencils and maybe some butterfly pushpins (both also from ModCloth).

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Nota Bene: As per usual, this post contains an affiliate link or two. I do receive a small commission for any sales made through these links.

We’ve returned safely from Philadelphia! Travel takes a lot of out of me, so this will be a quick and lazy post. I’ll share about my trip soon, though, I promise. Right now I just need to watch King of the Hill and eat chicken wings.

Thanks for your reading and love. These last two weeks have made me feel incredibly fortunate. I know so many good, kind, generous people.

I am maybe a little bit obsessed with this time of year. Sparks at my fingertips.

Friday Favorites // 009 ::

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While in Philly, I visited the LUSH spa and purchased a huge bar of Fairy Ring soap. It’s perfect. And yes, I will tell you all about it. Chicken wings, first, friends.

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We’re going to call this a bit of an early birthday wishlist. Of course, most of my Friday Favorites are more wishful than anything else. It seems that my brain has gotten used to the fact that it’s fall, so I’m okay with embracing the weather and the mood. It really does suit me a little better, anyway. I bet you can tell by the buffalo plaid and the whiskey that I am definitely there.

I am looking forward to wool layers and proper adult beverages.

I am uncertain as to what I am doing with my hair.


Friday Favorites // 007

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That new Seibei tee steals the show. I can’t even handle it. PS. It is already mine.


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