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I am apparently “hard to shop for,” but I totally disagree. Sure, I have …eclectic taste, but I’m also really easy to please. Warm socks, lip balm, dark chocolate, maybe something sparkly. Done and done.

Here we are, though, some quality stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite everyday “strange and unusual” girl. 💀 👻

Friday Favorites // 041 Stocking Stuffer Edition ::

  1. This dagger pendant by Mod Evil & Poison Apple Printshop is amazing. The design is available in bronze and sterling silver.
  2. The Yule 2015 collection from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs is a stunner. There’s something for everybody. My personal picks? Frau Holle and The Season of Ghosts.
  3. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of socks, especially here in New England. I like this organic cotton over-the-knee pair in gray. My toes are forever cold.
  4. This Woodwitch body butter from Cottage Wicks (available at Gypsy Warrior) blends cedarwood, frankincense, patchouli, blood orange, and fir oils. Yum.
  5. Lip balm is always a good choice. I want this deep violet tinted balm from Naked Eye Beauty/Sisters of the Black Moon.
  6. Check out these bronze and copper lapel pins. The coffin is my favorite.
  7. How about a nice scarf? This one from ModCloth is simple and cozy.
  8. I love this charcoal sandalwood soap (another Naked Eye Beauty creation). Charcoal is great for sensitive skin. Also, it’s black soap, so that’s fun!
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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission for any purchases made using those particular links. Every little bit helps! Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 037 ::

  1. I am head over heels in love with this beautiful burgundy bra from True & Co.
  2. I am going to attempt this Halloween craft via Martha Stewart. Are you doing any Halloween decor projects? I would love to hear your ideas. It’s been hard to find crafts for adults that aren’t either too goofy or too gory. We’re going for a sort of mystical haunted woodland cemetery look, I think. I’m still kind of unsure.
  3. New cute and spooky limited edition Dunny figures are out at Magic Pony. These are blind box, as usual, but I love “The Grisly Phantom” best.
  4. I love the black beeswax candles from For Real Surreal Club. Their black candles are all scented with cedarwood, but they have totally natural options, too, if that’s more your style.
  5. I will always say yes to crochet detailing, especially in soft gray.
  6. Check out these beautiful handmade wooden spoons by UK-based carver Giles Newman. His instagram is full of gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces, and his etsy shop is here.
  7. I don’t think I could ever really pull it off, but this cool-toned lavender shade (named “Cipher”) from Rituel de Fille is just beautiful.

I was going to totally use my death cold as an excuse not to write this post, but I decided not to be so dramatic. I actually do enjoy putting these posts together every week. Have a great weekend!

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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through clicking those links below. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 029 ::

  1. Every single one of these pins by Matt Darling is perfection. Patches and things in the shop, as well. Whatevs 4evs. A part of me is looking forward to fall, so I can put all these great pinbacks on my jacket.
  2. You probably know how I feel about a bra with an intricate back. This lace back bra from Free People is no exception.
  3. I am always on the lookout for cruelty free and nontoxic polishes, and AILA is now on my radar. Their classic black is called “House of Paine.”
  4. I love this leather pouch by Pine + Boon from Moorea Seal. It’s the perfect size for cash, cards, and lip balm.
  5. And while we’re talking about lip balm, this rose vanilla balm from Soul Sunday looks divine.
  6. This set of prints, “Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple,” by Nicomi Nix Turner is absolutely stunning.  The limited edition prints are available for pre-order individually or as a set. Check out the artist’s website here.
  7. This is my dream dress. It’s possible I’ve said that about other dresses, but I haven’t really meant it until now.
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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through clicking those links below. Thank you!

Sometimes I really miss reading ghost stories from the pages of an actual book, huddled under blankets or in sleeping bags with my friends. We grew up in old, scary-but-comforting farm houses. Creaks and groans and barred owl screeches. Whispers of my name in the middle of the night. Stories about haunted old inns (and the shadow of a woman in the upstairs window*).

*Actually, the shadow story is from my college days, when Tj would travel late at night/early in the morning to and from my father’s house in Vermont. He since has had a hard time sleeping at that house, though I never recall experiencing anything in that particular bedroom. I think my mom had stories, though.

I grew up at a good time, in a good place. I had just the right level of pre-tech childhood, enough to appreciate the fact that Creepy Pasta is now a thing.

Friday Favorites // 028 ::

  1. I love this gorgeous dress from Free People. Everything about it is sheer perfection.
  2. We’re in the midst of planning our end-of-summer camping trip. I want to burn this campfire candle all the time.
  3. Have you seen the new Allure x Butter London Arm Candy polish collection? My personal favorite is “Disco Nap,” a charcoal glitter.
  4. This Picasso jasper ring by Lovetatum is stunning. Picasso jasper is said to bring about calm, and help aid with transformation.
  5. We really like our bitters around here. These Black bitters from Dram Apothecary look intriguing, with the flavors of black tea and cardamom. Yum!
  6. This book (published in 1994, when I was in the fourth grade!) is the book that got me really into ghost stories. I re-read it every year or so, devouring my old favorites and skipping over some of the scarier alien stories. Maybe I’m biased, but New England is home to some of the best ghost stories and urban legends. The author has since written a handful of others, all equally engrossing, but this will remain my favorite.
  7. I love this enamel pin from Word for Word. I think “in dogs we trust” would be slightly funnier, but I also like dogs (and wordplay) slightly more than I like cats.
  8. I am way into anything with a crescent moon motif. These cute little moony studs were made for me.
  9. These Seychelles booties are at the top of my “must haves” list.

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Friday Favorites // 008 ::

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It’s almost my birthday week! Hooray! I’ve been feeling like a bit of a sad sack about the whole thing, despite my best efforts. Talk about your highs and lows, I guess. Yesterday was a rather crushing low, but today I’m on the up-swing. On a scale of 1 to 10 (which is not actually a large enough scale for this kind of thing at all), I’m somewhere around a 5? A slight step above “okay,” which I would consider acceptable. I’m eating lunch and getting things done and enjoying my book. Yesterday was an hour-by-hour struggle for survival. That sounds really dramatic, but that’s honestly how it felt.

I do think it’s going to be a good year. In the end, that does depend entirely on me. It’s my attitude and my actions that are going to make it. I may need to be slightly more accepting of help from those who are not within my tiny circle.

Timothy and I were talking on the phone about reinventing of self. I don’t know how I feel about reinventing. I do, however, like the idea of revisiting and refreshing. I am currently musing over goals for my next year on this planet. Tomorrow I need to buckle down and compose some scholarly e-mails, but tonight I’m simply appreciating the fact that the future currently exists, and that there’s a place for me in it. Like, tomorrow I will be able to write e-mails I don’t want to write! That’s pretty incredible.

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