Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones. For my final 100 things post (see the first and second), I thought it would be nice to honor a living being who, while an active part of my live, doesn’t really play quite as important a role as my parents or my boyfriend! Anyone who has a pet will probably tell you they are thankful for that furry (feathery, scaly) member of their family! I will be the first to admit, however, that tortoises are weird pets. To be honest, coming up with a list of ten reasons was a little bit tricky! It’s not that I don’t appreciate McCoy, but he mostly eats lettuce and sits around a lot.

Here are ten reasons I am thankful for the tortoise:


  1. He has quite the personality. I never thought that reptiles would be that interesting as pets, but he has moods and quirks just like any other animal.
  2. He is clean (you know, when it comes to bodily functions). He is also free of disease; lots of reptiles (iguanas, turtles, etc) have some pretty nasty stuff going on.
  3. He is so photogenic. Even with my less-than-stellar photography skills, he usually looks fabulous.
  4. It is strangely comforting to have him around. He’s not like a dog or anything, but his presence is still very calming. He enjoys being held and having his shell stroked.
  5. He makes me laugh. He has the funniest sneezes and occasionally tries to mate with shoes, which is as disturbing as it is hilarious.
  6. He will outlive both Tj and I, assuming he remains in good health. How crazy is that?
  7. He’s really picky. I guess it’s weird that I’m thankful for this, but it makes my life interesting. I try to introduce new foods, and the grumpy stare I am usually met with just cracks me up. See #5. Oh my gosh! We recently bought some “tortoise salad dressing” (I know, what?), and he actually ate the lettuce I drizzled with it. I almost cried. I see photos of other tortoises eating crazy fruits and veg, and I am always really jealous!
  8. The thought of building an outdoor summertime tort habitat thrills me! I can’t wait to move into Tj’s house. We do have to be really careful about ants, however, as tortoises have absolutely no defense against ant bites (the more you know!).
  9. He travels really well. He has been on two 3+ hour drives, now, and fared amazingly during both. He slept the whole way and settled into his new habitats easily.
  10. He really enjoys listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Tom Petty. He is that cool.

Tell me about your pets and why you love them! I am under the impression that small dogs are the pet for the hip blogging girl, and I would love to someday join the ranks with a beagle, but McCoy makes my day, every day.


+ If you have any questions about taking care of tortoises, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment! I would (and Tj would, too, I’m sure!) be happy to answer!

PS. tortoise cozies

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