I am absolutely amazed with how quickly August has passed. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s almost September. This time of year is lovely in New England, especially here on the seacoast, and I am soaking up as much of the late summer sun as I can. The end of August has felt bittersweet, the last few years; I miss school so, so much! I can’t wait to (hopefully!) start taking classes again in January. Until then, I at least have plenty of projects!

This week I’d like to  take advantage of my downtime to get out and enjoy Dover. I had a bit of a wander, today, and it was lovely. There’s a possibility my dad may make it down here on Thursday! I’d like to visit The Woodman Institute Museum, and maybe take him over to Lolly. I’m terrible about adventuring out on my own. It’s definitely something I’d like to work on.

Last week I bought myself a ton of groceries.  I’ve been making much better meals, especially for work! The grocery trip itself was draining, but I had Tj with me (always better!) and the result was worth the effort. Teej also treated me to a brand new day-planner, last week, and we’re both testing out a new budget management app. I feel organized, refreshed, healthier, and ready to take on the world.

Linking up with The Nectar Collective, today. Happy Monday!

Post-script: It’s actually kind of amazing how using pen and paper for my “to do” list keeps me on task and motivated. Sometimes my phone (and technology in general, honestly) brings me down. I appreciate it a great deal, don’t get me wrong, but some days I’m just happier without it! I think we all need periodic pixel breaks, I’m always thankful to have the choice.

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