I think I should have a more exciting post for you after such a long hiatus. To be honest, it wasn’t really a hiatus. Timothy was home, with the time to upgrade me to a faster laptop, so I played a lot of Minecraft.

Is that something a self-proclaimed lifestyle blogger should admit to?

I really like Minecraft, though.

Pendleton coyote butte cosmetics pouch

Pendleton USA Coyote Butte cosmetics case (wanted)

I think I’ve probably posted something like this a half dozen times, now. Maybe only three times? I don’t know. As I change, my routine changes. I know that it will continue to change. I think that’s normal. Since I last shared my “routine” (still pretty non-existent) with you, I was just beginning to dabble in homemade skincare products. I also had longer hair. And, at the time, I was feeling a little rage against the patriarchal machine, anti-cosmetics industry. I still feel a little that way (will always feel that way),  and am still very wary of the cosmetics industry, but have had the chance to play with some products I actually love and am willing to support in a long term sense.

Face: Fat and the Moon masa & olive face paste; homemade serum; homemade lotion (posts about those, soon!)

I have been keeping a tub of coconut oil in the bathroom that I use as makeup remover. It’s really amazing stuff. On the days I’m not wearing any makeup, I don’t wash my face. This works for me. Before bed, I gently wipe a little bit of rosewater on with a cotton ball and follow with some moisturizer. I am looking for an all natural and vegan night eye cream (or a safe DIY); if you have any suggestions, let me know in comments. Please. My skin will be turning 30, this year.

Cosmetics: Everyday Minerals Matte Base in Medium (flat top brush); Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer (oval concealer brush); Tarte Gifted Amazonian clay mascara; Hurraw! lip balm

I’m a new convert to mineral makeup. Everyday Minerals is amazing because they make finding the right shade super simple, which was what sold me in the first place. The website walks you through choosing what’s right for your skin tone, and you can customize a free sample pack.

And I cannot say enough nice things about Tarte. It’s junk-free and vegan. I am also a fan of their lip tints; I have a few different shades. Right now I am loving “moody,” which is a deep berry.

Bath & Shower: local bulk soap slices; LUSH Turkish Delight shower smoothie or Ro’s Argan body conditioner

I had been rotating through various bottles of body wash when it finally dawned on me around the holidays that it was totally unnecessary. There is a natural foods store directly across from my apartment in Dover that sells bulk, packaging-free soap slices. They are beautiful and luxurious. It was somewhat of a revelation. With the money I’m saving, I can splurge a bit every other month or so on something decadent.

Miscellany: Fat and the Moon deodorant cream; TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof No. 45 parfum; homemade hair wax (more about that, soon); SpaRitual nail polishes

My nail polish collection is currently massive, so I’ve decided to give my Julep Maven account a rest. It feels good.

cosmetics favourites :: girldust.com

One of my goals in the next year or so (especially when I move in with Tj and we become a household) is to limit the plastic waste in the bathroom. By making a lot of my own products, I’m already in a good place, but there is always room for improvement! Leave any suggestions you may have in the comments!


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